it’s fun to shoot people

Regarding today’s current events surrounding Marine general: It’s ‘fun to shoot people’:

Many people are trying to defuse the situation by saying that Lt. Gen. James Mattis’ statements were a “poor choice of words” or “flippant”. They are spinning it, because they want to portray Mattis’ statement as either not reflecting the man’s (or the Marine Corp’s) convictions or not intellectually or morally significant. They are conceding the superficial impression that Mattis’ statements are morally reprehensible, which can occur when the reader deliberately interprets the words out of context.

The spirit and true meaning behind Mattis’ statements were naked and explicit. His words were unsophisticated but not a poor choice. His choice of words should make a rationally moral man proud. However, for those who are offended by Mattis’ “poor choice of words” or “flippant” remarks, allow me to restate using words that bring clarity to the moral basis underlying Mattis’ intent.

Afghanistan has been plagued by those, who believe in oppressive practices, such as violently punishing women for such ridiculous transgressions as being seen in public not wearing a veil. I have a strong moral conviction to condemn those who support such inhuman practices. As a proud member of the Marine Corps, I can speak for all men who uphold justice as a moral principle, when I say, it is our honor and pleasure to be the agents for delivering just consequences in open combat on the battlefield upon the forces of evil. Those who believe that brutality and force are tools for proper human behavior are now learning, as they deserve, the logical consequences of living according to — and dying by — the principles, in which they so strongly believe.

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