cabinet positions to eliminate

Here are the cabinet positions and what I would do with their departments.

Secretary of State – retain but eliminate all foreign aid.
Secretary of the Treasury – retain but eliminate all IRS agents associated with Obamacare tax enforcement.
Secretary of Defense – retain but close many foreign military bases.
Attorney General – retain but eliminate the Drug Enforcement Administration by shutting down the war on drugs. Pardon all prisoners who are incarcerated for nonviolent drug crimes.
Secretary of the Interior – eliminate and transfer ownership of federal lands to the states with private ownership being the ultimate goal.
Secretary of Agriculture – eliminate.
Secretary of Commerce – eliminate.
Secretary of Labor – eliminate.
Secretary of Health and Human Services – eliminate.
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development – eliminate.
Secretary of Transportation – eliminate.
Secretary of Energy – eliminate.
Secretary of Education – eliminate.
Secretary of Veterans’ Affairs – retain but transition all health care to private hospital systems.
Secretary of Homeland Security – eliminate.
Vice President of the United States – retain.
White House Chief of Staff – retain.
Director of the Office of Management and Budget – retain.
Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency – eliminate.
Ambassador to the United Nations – eliminate and defund all UN activities aside from the security council.
Chair of the Council of Economic Advisors – eliminate.

A diverse set of strategies can be implemented to eliminate programs on a 1 to 8 year time line. This includes:

  • Transferring ownership of assets and transferring responsibility and funds for programs to the states.
  • Privatization of programs that should be run by the private sector through industry forums, joint ventures, or other forms of collaboration. Food, drug, and product safety fall under this category.
  • Immediate elimination of programs that engage in cronyism, protectionism, and other market distortions. This includes all agricultural and industrial subsidies. This includes housing, mortgages, and loans.
  • Gradual replacement of entitlement programs with state run and private programs.

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